Retainer Brite

Retainer Brite Cleaning and Whitening Foam - Clean Retainers and Whiten Teeth on-the-go

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    BRAND : Retainer Brite

    MANUFACTURER : Dentsply Sirona


    Condition : New

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Clean and whiten your smile on-the-go up to four times a day with Retainer Brite cleansing foam - no soaking or rinsing required Intended for patients who use removable dental appliances such as clear retainers, sports mouthguards, night guards, TMJ appliances, and more - not for artifical teeth or partial dentures Easy to use and kills 99% of odor causing bacteria to allow your smile and denture appliances to remain minty fresh Gradually whiten and brighten your teeth without experiencing any tooth sensitivity Package includes one 50ml bottle of Retainer Brite whitening cleaner foam