Kraft Master

Premium Brown Kraft Paper Bags with Handles 8"x4.75"x10.5" [30pcs] 100% Recyclable. Ideal for Party, DIY Craft, Packaging, Retail, Shopping, Business, Goody, Wedding, Welcome Gift Bags

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    BRAND : Kraft Master

    COLOR : Brown

    MANUFACTURER : Kraft Master


    SIZE : 30 Count (Pack of 1)

    Condition : New

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**Plastic - you see it everywhere, you hear about it in the news, and chances are, you even brought one home from the grocery store.** Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems the world is facing. But the thing is, we've gotten so used to the convenience of plastic, that living in a world without it can be somewhat hard to imagine. So if plastic is here to stay, how do we address the problem? The main way is to minimize usage, and to only use plastic when it is absolutely necessary. **This is where brown paper bags like the KraftMaster Reusable Shopping Bags come in.** Paper bags are less destructive to the the environment compared to plastic bags, which take decades to decompose. 30 pcs made from 100% recycled paper and measuring 8" x 4.75" x 10.5", KraftMaster brown paper bags 130gsm are built tough and can easily hold up to 8lbs, allowing you to carry multiple items at any given time. Their twisted rope handles were created in such a way that they won’t easily unravel or break. The section where the bag meets the rope handle was reinforced to prevent tearing. **KraftMaster brown paper bags can also be turned into:**

✅ Gift bags for weddings, birthday, anniversaries, or as a loot bag for children's parties. ✅ Biodegradable planter for plants or as a mini compost bin. ✅ Hip gift wrapper. ✅ Arts and crafts project material.

**With the versatility and practicality of the humble brown paper bag, don’t you think it’s time for you to get your own pack? Add the KraftMaster reusable shopping bags to your cart TODAY!**