Pink/Lt Blue Reversible Satin Hair Bonnet By RJstyles.co with Adjustable options available for Newborn Toddles Kids and Adults

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    BRAND : RJStyles

    MANUFACTURER : RJStyles.co


    SIZE : 2X-arge-Adjustable-Cord

    Condition : New

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  • 100% handmade, Durable, Luxury Satin Bonnet is Fully Reversible, so you are getting Two Colors in One
  • It is an excellent part of any hair care regime, It is perfect for deep conditioning and if you sleep with oils in your hair at night, It helps keep your treatments on your hair and not your pillow
  • All colors are very vibrant and true to their colors, their combinations will have you collecting them All
  • 100% pure satin whose properties include moisture retention, prevention of hair loss, Hair regrowth without breakage while sleeping, while minimization tension and stress on the hair, scalp and skin

Size: **2X-arge-Adjustable-Cord**

The interior satin side provides moisture retention, prevention of hair loss and minimization of tension and stress on the hair, scalp and skin. This will be the BEST satin hair protection for you (or your little one)! Enhance your nightly hair routine with this GORGEOUS satin bonnet! Perfect as a gift for any child, your daughter, niece, cousin, sister or coworkers child!!! My handmade satin bonnets are made from premium satin on the inside and outside for fun, easy hair care. My bonnets are designed to fit Newborn up to 102 Years of age, and makes for a great gift for a baby shower,Birth Day, Wading and just a Tuesday gift . Comes in a non movable elastic or an Adjustable Ribbon or Cord to give a very comfortable fit for both young and old. The inner satin color come in many colors so please do have a look at the many colors I have to offer. Wholesale or bulk lots are available. Published using Nembol