Natural Loofah Sponge 3 packs, Bath & Shower Body Exfoliating Loofa Brush Organic Body Scrubbers SPA Beauty for skin

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Design: **Loofah Cylinder Pack of 3**


Material: 100% natural loofah, cotton hook

Quantity: 3 pieces

Size: 6.4*4.3 inches

**Main Features:**

✔Forget those harsh, scratchy loofahs, the balanced thickness and supreme softness spongy fibers of our loofah can gently buff off dead, dry skin without chafing, reddening, or irritating, ideal for any skin type.

✔Generous size measured in 6.3*4.2 inches, longer and wider while fit nicely in adult palm, the natural body scrubber allows for effective cleansing the whole body.

✔With soft texture for gentle cleansing, our natural loofah swell once rinsed in the water and lather up quickly to be ready for exfoliating.

✔Durable cotton material hook make the loofah scrubber easy to hang, quick to dry.

**Tips** : after using the natural loofah, remove it from the wet shower environment, leave it in a place with enough air flow, and completely dry between the two uses.