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Kent Men's Beard and Mustache Brush - Specially Cut Natural Boar Bristle for Flawless Shaping and Grooming,Dry or Wet Beard, Distributes Oils/Balms (BB)

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    BRAND : KENT Store

    COLOR : White

    ITEM WEIGHT : 2.72 ounces



    SIZE : BB

    Condition : New

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  • TRAVEL BRUSH DIMENSIONS: "5" x 3.5" x 1" with 7.5" 100% White Boar Bristle; Beechwood base made to fit in the palm of your hand, the perfect travel size hair brush! Suitable for all hair and beard lengths. Then bristles are best for medium/coarse hair.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: This hair brush is the perfect gift for that special someone, giving them an essential piece of the grooming kit for men that they've been looking for - or just a brush for men's daily grooming, exfoliating brush, and scalp scrubber.
  • PERFECT HAIR DETANGLING BRUSH: This brush helps spread the natural hair oil produced by your skin; removes dirt, prevents thinning hair, and promotes hair regrowth. Cleansing properties make it an essential part of any hair grooming kit.
  • AN AGELESS LUXURY: The Kent Brand has been making hair brushes for men since the 18th century, providing quality boar bristle brushes and mens grooming essentials since their inception. This boar brush makes a classic and unique gift for a special someone.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Kent manufactures the largest selection of hair brushes and beard kits worldwide. If you aren't satisfied with the quality of our brush, feel free to return it for a refund. Grooming for men is a lifestyle and fashion statement.

Size: **BB**

Made in the UK, this beechwood brush is specially made with natural boar bristles that give this brush unparalleled quality and durability. This brush can handle the coarsest of facial foliage, while still being gentle on your skin. The brush is an oval shape that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for comfort and control. Suitable for left handed and right handed gentleman. About Kent: Founded in 1777, Kent Brushes is the world's oldest hairbrush manufacturer and has maintained its British traditions of producing the world's finest hairbrushes and combs ever since. Making the best quality brushes for over 230 years and creating over 250 products. Quality, design and attention to detail go into each brush. They have been the holders of The Royal Warrant through the last nine consecutive reigns of British monarchy. The company continues to retain the craftsmanship and unprecedented quality that is Kent's reputation.Even in today's fast moving, mass-produced assembly lines, they are proud to still be manufacturing many of their original brushes by hand. Features: Pure Boar Bristle (hand trimmed top, machine sown base) Gloss sprayed beechwood back, cherry wood base Curved handle for a comfortable grip Suitable for all hair types Benefits: Pure boar bristle has microscopic scales that help grab the natural oils from the scalp and distribute them down the hair shaft to promote shine and smoothness. Hand trimmed boar bristle allows each bristle to be cut at a slightly different length, which creates an uneven surface to the brush. This enables it to penetrate hair perfectly reaching deep down to the scalp. Gloss sprayed treatment helps protect wood and wears well over time.