JungleA Medicine Exercise Ball Fitness Balls for Strength, Coordination and Balance Training, Non-Slip Rubber Shell Textured Surface

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    BRAND : JungleA

    COLOR : Black + Yellow



    SIZE : 6 Lbs

    Condition : New

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Medicine ball, often called fitness ball. It plays a very important role in sports and medical fields. It is commonly used in strength training for fitness enthusiasts, eruption training for basketball players, muscle building for boxers, and to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation of patients' injuries. This medicine ball will train your core strength in the simplest way. Effectively exercise your biceps, biceps, abdominal muscles, trapezius, and exercise your body in a full range. 20 minutes a day to create a perfect body shape. **_Features:_** ☛Non-slip surface ensures durability. ☛Natural environmentally friendly rubber, skin-friendly and non-irritating. ☛Great tool after injury, ideal for stretching and balancing. ☛Add fun to your workouts, more challenging and fun. ☛Strengthen your muscles and build a more perfect body shape. ☛Great for core exercises, partner workouts, squats, overhead presses, balance, and more. ☛Uniquely designed double grip for a comfortable, secure hold, even during strenuous workouts. **_Specifications:_** **_Color: Black + Red_** Material: Rubber Product Diameter: SΦ8.66inch/ 21.99cm Net Weight: 8 LBS **_Color: Black + Yellow_** Material: Rubber Product Diameter: SΦ7.48inch/ 18.99cm Net Weight: 6 LBS **_Package Includes:_** 1 x 8 Lbs Medicine Ball