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Jane Bernard CHINA RAIN Perfume Body Oil_Unisex Fragrance_10ml_1/3 Oz_Grade"A" Roll On; Long Lasting.-Fits in Purse or Pocket for Travel_PLUS Free Pocket Size Hand Lotion

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    BRAND : Jane Bernard Store

    MANUFACTURER : Jane Bernard

    PART NUMBER : 1307

    Condition : New

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  • Classic Perfume Oil Fragrance In 1/3 oz Roll on for easy application. Comes boxed, OR in Velour drawstring bag (Whatever packaging is available)
  • Made in USA by Jane Bernard. includes Pocket Size Hand Crafted China Rain Shea Hand Lotion
  • 100% uncut and Pure, skin safe, No Alcohol and ready for use
  • We are not affiliated with any Designer Brands. This is our own production
  • Blends of white lilies, roses, musk, green notes with a base of sandalwood and moss

This Fragrance is made with top quality oil to allow the pleasant and sensuous scent of the fragrance to last longer. * DISCLAIMER: THE ITEM ON THIS PAGE IS IN NO WAY CONNECTED TO MANUFACTURERS, DISTRIBUTORS, OR OWNERS OF THE DESIGNER ORIGINAL FRAGRANCES OR COMPANIES