[INNISFREE] Vivid Cotton Ink[Blur] (#1 ginger coral)

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    BRAND : Innisfree

    MANUFACTURER : innisfree

    PART NUMBER : 131171226

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1. Super adhesion! Warm and light airy velvet texture The warm and light airy texture is soft and smooth on the lips, keeping it evenly and evenly over time. 2. Smooth and smooth finish as blurred After application of the preparation, if the sound wave color is lightly moved to the upper and lower lips, the color is coated smoothly as if blurred and the expression of the smooth lip is produced You will 3. Filled south NO! No drying! # Moist _ table Sarasara The color texture of velvety dosage form is smooth close contact with the lips and does not seem to ooze out quickly, while the inside keeps the expression of smooth lips outside.