GRINDSHIELD Teeth Grinding Guard - Moldable, Trimmable - 4 Mouth Guards for Grinding Teeth & Case – Nightguard for Teeth Grinding, Clenching Night Guard, Bruxism Mouth Guard, Dental Guard, Mouthguard

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**Anti-Grind Experience**

With the easily moldable GrindShield mouth guards, you can get the perfect custom fit for your mouth. Enjoy the thinnest night guard that allows for the most comfortable feel. Experience the best sleep and morning without the discomfort and pain from teeth grinding, clenching, stiff shoulders, earaches and headaches. We also provide a lifetime guarantee and promise for free replacements.

**Easy to Mold**

* Just boil & bite and the mouth guards can be molded to fit your mouth. * Any excess of the mouth guard can be trimmed away for optimal comfort. * If necessary, the mouth guards can be re-molded to provide the perfect fit.

**Not Bulky**

* Mouthguard is specifically designed to have the thinnest sides to allow your mouth to easily and comfortably close without any discomfort. * Soft material of the sides provides a precise mold, so each tooth can fit snug against the material instead of pushing out into the cheek muscles. * Guards are made to create a tight fit to allow for your mouth to close for comfort, to prevent from gagging, and to prevent sore cheek muscles.

**Full Protection**

* Durable bottom of the guard protects your teeth from grinding & clenching, allowing for your jaw and muscles to relax. * Reinforced bottom eliminates bruxism, TMJ and creates the ultimate protection from any dental aches associated with tooth grinding. * GrindShield protection without any worry of pains & aches in the morning.

**Hygienic Case**

* Includes a sanitizer case to protect the mouth trays, keep the trays stored without concern of getting germs. * The travel case has enough space for 2 trays to be stored and transported for any travel needs. * Easy close & open allows for daily use.