Eco Friendly Glitter. Biodegradable Body Glitter for Hair Glitter, Nail Glitter, Face Eyeshadow glitter, Rave accessories, Holographic glitter makeup (Blue Pink)

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    COLOR : Blue Pink

    MANUFACTURER : Bio Glitter


    Condition : New

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  • Electrik Biodegradable Glitter is an all natural body glitter! Our chunky glitter sets are hand mixed in California and include multiple sizes of cosmetic glitter made from plants not plastics!
  • Each holographic glitter vial has over 5 grams of festival glitter, or about 2 dozen uses! Our Biodegradable Glitter sets are holographic glitter blends made for nail glitter, hair glitter and body glitter.
  • Our body glitter is sourced from Eucalyptus Tree’s as opposed to plastic like other chunky glitter or loose glitter. This makes our biodegradable glitter 30-40% softer on your skin than other face glitter.
  • With every sale of our chunky glitter we donate a portion of proceeds to ocean conservation efforts making this festival glitter the perfect addition to your rave accessories or festival accessories.
  • Antimony free! Not tested on animals and our packaging is made from recycled paper. Vegan and cruelty free! Holographic glitter for Hair glitter, Nail Glitter, and Face Glitter.

Color:Pool Party Electrik biodegradable glitter is an all natural body glitter sourced from the plant cellulose made from Eucalyptus Tree's! Our holographic glitter is perfect for hair glitter, nail glitter and festival glitter. We donate a portion of profits to ocean conservation efforts so with every purchase of our biodegradable glitter you are directly helping clean our oceans. Our chunky glitter degrades with the presence of micro- organisms found in the oceans, or in the dirt/grass at a music festival. Other chunky glitter takes upwards of 400 years to biodegrade! Our body glitter is also MUCH softer on your skin than other body glitter. Imagine sharp shards of plastic compared to the smooth film made from plants. Antimony free! Not tested on animals and our packaging is made from recycled paper. Vegan and cruelty free!