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Deluxe Comfort Lotion Applicator, White

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    BRAND : Deluxe Comfort

    COLOR : White

    ITEM WEIGHT : 0.32 ounces

    MANUFACTURER : Deluxe Comfort

    PART NUMBER : LA-009-001

    PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 3.0 x 15.0 x 2.0 inches

    SIZE : Up To 1 Ounce

    Condition : New

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  • BEST LOTION APPLICATOR FOR BACK: Deluxe Comfort guarantees both the excellent craftsmanship and the outstanding convenience of the Lotion Cream Applicator. This handy and easy to use device makes it easy to apply lotion to your back anytime
  • EASY-TO-USE LOTION APPLICATOR: This extra-long lotion applicator with handle is easy to grip and maneuver as it massages and relaxes any and all parts of your back. No more angling and straining to make the best use of a back brush with lotion
  • ROLLING BACK LOTION APPLICATOR: Apply lotion with the able and luxuriating aid of a rolling applicator for applying lotion on back; as opposed to a stiff and unmoving back brush for lotion. Let the wheels heal as they massage your muscles
  • ERGONOMICALLY-DESIGNED BACK CREAM APPLICATOR: The extended-reach handle and superior structure of this back lotion dispenser is ergonomically-designed to relax, ease and pamper the back muscles. The therapeutic effectiveness of this lotion back dispenser is simply unsurpassed
  • GUARANTEED BACK OINTMENT APPLICATOR: Deluxe Comfort guarantees the superior craftsmanship and therapeutic effectiveness of the lotion cream applicator. If you have questions, concerns or complaints about this lotion cream applicator, please contact us

**After a long day’s work, your back has a tendency to feel stressed and strained.**

Yet when you use a standard lotion brush, you often end up angling and overexerting yourself into a bizarre and most uncomfortable pretzel formation; thus worsening the very stress and strain that afflicted you in the first place.

Get the pain, strain and discomfort most literally off your back, with a little help from the lotion cream applicator from deluxe comfort.

This amazing long handle lotion applicator is ergonomically-designed to reach every inch of the back, making it easy to apply lotion on back whenever needed, and for maximum therapeutic effect. As an added bonus, this is a rolling applicator for back that most literally ‘rolls away’ every ounce of your stress, pain and strain.

Just apply your favorite back cream to this long-handled lotion applicator and move it with ease across your back, remaining upright and totally comfortable as you pamper and relax every tired inch.

This handy and revolutionary lotion on back applicator is particularly useful for those who may have physical challenges and limited mobility; or for pretty much anyone who wishes to use a lotion brush without undue physical exertion.

Aside from the standard lotion application for back, this also could serve as a tanning lotion applicator or body cream applicator.

As an added bonus, this light and easy-to-carry back cream applicator can be used virtually anywhere; at home, at the gym, at a spa, at a hotel, at a campground, etc. This stylish and clean lined ivory and azure long-reaching lotion applicator is bound to blend well with virtually any bathroom decor; and could serve equally well as a back brush for men and for women.

If you ever find it challenging to apply lotion to your back, Deluxe Comfort has got you...and your back...covered, with a little help from the pampering and practical lotion cream applicator!