OMG Hair Wraps

Dark Blue Color Scheme Hippie Hair Extension, Qty: 1 Dreadlocks Accessory, Dread Wrap, Hair Fall, Hair Wrap, Colorful Accessories for Dreads, Braids, Curls

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    BRAND : OMG Hair Wraps

    COLOR : blue



    SIZE : 18-20 Inch long

    Condition : New

  • 5 available

  • Choose your length! Width: about 1/4"
  • Qty: 1 - Multicolor: 3-4 colors - colors and design are random and will vary
  • Handmade in the USA with colorful yarns
  • Washable, wearable long term, leave in or take out as desired
  • Adjustable loop for attaching to dreads, braids and other locks

Size: **18-20 Inch long**

Qty: 1 Handmade Got the Blues? Dark Blue Color Schemed Hippie Dreadlock and Braid Extensions. Hippie hair wraps are suitable for *most hair types. These colorful and adjustable hair extensions work with dreadlocks, curly locks and braids. Just loop the hair through the end of the extension, push to the base of your head, adjust the end and you've got a colorful accessory for your hair! These are custom made from yarn of all colors. Normally they are made in 3-4 matching or contrasting colors that look great together! Choose your length! You will receive 1 hair extension. Color scheme will vary with base color as noted. Yarn falls are made to wear long-term or leave in and take out as desired. It is possible to wear these all the time, to bed, in the shower, etc. It's also very easy to take them out and wear for only special occasions. Should work well with all hair types. Straight and silky hair may require a braid to keep the fall in place.