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Cistus Oil (Cistus ladaniferus) 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free Cistus Essential Oil | Pure Cistus Oil By Eco Aurous

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    BRAND : Eco Aurous

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    MANUFACTURER : Tosc international

    PART NUMBER : Cistus Oil

    SIZE : 15ml ( 0.50 Ounce )

    Condition : New

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  • Our Essential Oils are 100% Natural and Organic - No fillers, additives, bases or carriers added
  • Cistus Oil Blends Well With Lavender, Clary Sage, Frakincense, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Cypress, Chamomile, Myrrh & Marjoram Oil
  • ECO AUROUS makes the HIGH-quality PREMIUM Aromatherapy Essential oils and has OVER 300+ SCENTS.
  • Keep bottle in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight or water contamination. Being natural and organic, oil may thicken in cold climate or change color over a period, however the efficacy will remain unaffected. Place the bottle in a bowl of warm water to regain consistency in case of freezing. Keep out reach of children. Use within 6 months after the seal is broken.

Size: **15ml ( 0.50 Ounce )**

Cistus ladaniferus, also known as Rock Rose or Labdanum. Cistus comes from a Greek word “kistos” meaning “evergreen shrub”. Cistus essential oil comes from steam distillation of flowering tops and leaves of Cistus ladaniferus. True cistus oil is steam distilled from dried flowering plants. Inferior cistus oil can also be made from the steam distillation of the leaves and branches. Aromatically, Cistus Essential Oil is an intriguingly complex, rich balsamic oil that is well suited for use as a fixative in natural perfumery and fragrancing applications.