Acrylic Nail Dipping Powder Clear Color Acrylic Nail Art Dip Powder For French Nail Manicure,NO Need UV/LED Lamp Cured,Long Lasting,Non-Toxic & Odor-Free (Clear)

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  • ❤ No need uv/led lamp: Clear Nail Acrylic Dip Powder doesn’t need UV lamp to cure,which can avoid turning skin black and damaging skin because of UV lamps. The nail dipping powder is extra fine for perfect absorption with base coat and dries incredibly fast.It is a healthy way to make your nail dry fast.
  • ❤ Easy to use And Long lasting: Clear Nail Acrylic Dipping powder nail is easy to use for everyone than traditional nail lacquer.Just a simple 3-step dipping system to design captivating nails.It can keep the nail art colorful and shiny for a long time about 2 weeks+.
  • ❤ Safe And NO Odor: Clear Nail Acrylic Dip Powder is a healthier and exciting alternative in Nail Enhancements. More durable than Acrylic, the Gel Powder Dipping system is odor free, resistant to chipping and cracking, breathable, water resistant with no damage to the nails beds.
  • ❤ Clear Nail Dipping Powder is about 1oz,You can use it many times,Save a lot of money than going out to the salon to do nails.And please notice,clear nail dipping powder is no color.
  • ❤ 100% Satisfaction: we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you don’t love it, contact us, and get refund with no condition in 30 days or resend you one clear dip powder by free. If love our clear dipping powder, please leave your enjoyable experience via your words.

**Why choose Dipping Powder Starter Kit?** 1\. Healthier: Innovative formula is fast, easy and odor free , reinventing acrylic nails. Easy to achieve excellent color of nail owe to the careful selection of ingredients respecting nature and the environment 2\. Durability: Nail Dipping Powder Kit has 21 days of vibrant nail colour, don’t need to worry about your nails chipping in 2 weeks+. 3.Easy to use: Dip Powder don't need a uv/led lamp to cure, no harm to the nails beds,You will achieve salon quality nails without leaving home ,save money and time.

**How to remover the dipping powder nail kits?** 1\. Use a hand nail file and file the top layer of the nail to remove the shiny layer 2\. Soak a cotton ball in acetone 3\. Place the cotton ball on the nail and wrap it in a foil sheet. 4\. Wait for about 15 minutes and then remove the foil 5.Push everything off with a cuticle pusher tool

**Using Tips:** 1.File the nail slightly with fine file before beginning the nail art 2.As the base coat is easy to dry, please prepare the powder first before you apply base coat. 3.After applying Dip Activator, wait until dry 4.When you use the base coat or top coat again please Brush off excess Powder by using the nails art brush, which avoids the powder dipping into the brush or base coat /top coat clumping 5.The Brush Saver in this kit can clean the brush of base coat top coat and Activator. 6\. Please clean the gel out of the jar, or it will stick and difficult for opening, if bottle can't open, please dip it into hot water for 30s