250 Pcs Stiletto Nail Tips Sticks Nail Color Display TipsNail Art Practice Sticks with Metal Screw Split Ring Holder (True color)

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    COLOR : True color



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  • Packaging material: 250 in total, made of resin, fan-shaped, durable, smooth and easy to color. He can make it easy for you to collect up to 250 different colors of nail polish.
  • Dimensions: The nail strip is 5 inches long by 1/2 inches wide, The perfect length is convenient for users.
  • Design: Nail polish flower-shaped patterns of different styles and colors can be painted and displayed for customers to choose from.
  • Application: Can be used as an exercise fanboard for beginners at home, but also suitable for professional use, such as nail polish collection and nail decoration design work.
  • How to use: There are 50 nail sticks in each small bag. You can color them first, then easily open the long screws and nuts to tie them up.

Color: **True color**

1\. Can be painted with different types of nail polish flower-shaped patterns for display. 2, novice as an exercise board, painted and carved are suitable. 3\. It is also suitable for personal storage of nail polish. Find nail polish on the swatch (you can pre-number it), eliminating the trouble of trying color.